Registration for Summer Credit Courses in Italy 2016 is now open. Students wishing to register for the Summer Credit Courses in Italy 2016 are encouraged to Apply online.

New in 2016! Students my earn up to 2 credits during the summer program in Italy. Conditions apply. See Program Details.

Parent and Student Information Meetings

INSTRUCTORS of the Italian International Language Program

The Hamilton Dante Centre is pleased to make available to instructors of the Italian – International Language Program (elementary) the following Professional Development and Financial support. Please click the SPECIAL NOTICE for more details.

Since 1972 the predecessor organization of the Hamilton Dante Centre for Italian Language and Culture Inc. has promoted the learning of Italian Language and Culture in Canada. Today, the Hamilton Dante Centre facilitates language instruction in both Italian and English. You will find programs here for all ages. The Centre also organizes and hosts a variety of cultural exchanges that have involved important theatre and musical groups from Italy. The Hamilton Dante Centre is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the 1980’s.

As our primary mission is to ensure the promotion of Italian Language and Culture, we encourage you to participate in this site to help us to create strong links among people who are interested in learning about the richness of the Italian language and culture and who may be interested in visiting or studying in Italy.

Angelo Di Ianni