Applications for Summer Credit Course in Italy 2019 are now being accepted.
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Students may earn up to 2 credits during the summer program in Italy. Conditions apply. See Program Details.

ILP instructors of Italian

Special Notice:

The Hamilton Dante Centre is pleased to make available to instructors of the Italian – International Language Program (elementary) the following: A) Professional Development and B) Financial support.
To qualify, you must be an instructor hired to teach the Italian Language program within the following District School Boards.
1) Hamilton Wentworth CDSB
2) Halton CDSB
3) Wellington CDSB
4) Waterloo CDSB
5) London CDSB and London DSB
6) Windor Essex CDSB and Greater Essex DSB
7) Niagara CDSB

A – Professional Development (Aggiornamento)
In August 2012, the Dante Center will repeat a PD experience which was initially organized a few years ago. In August 2007, we were able to pay all expenses ( flight the responsibility of the participant) for a 7 days stay in Italy for 15 instructors and a coordinating facilitator. The participants were able to practice their Italian and receive information on the effective teaching of Italian. The feedback from all participants was enthusiastic. If you qualify and are interested, do not hesitate to send us an email expressing your interest. We will follow up with more detailed information.

446 Mountain Brow Blvd.,
Hamilton, ON, L8T 1A8
Phone: (905) 527-3400
Fax: (905) 527-4350

We will select only 15 participants on a first come first served basis.

B – Financial Support (Contributi per materiale didattico)
We are aware of the fact that many instructors spend money to purchase learning materials for their Italian language and culture classrooms. We are also aware that Boards may also reimburse instructors for many expenses. Our financial support is designed to assist in the purchase of those materials that go beyond what Boards already reimburse. Our goal is to give you as much assistance as possible in order to help you enrich the program with up to date learning materials which will benefit your students. Our definition of Learning Materials includes books, workbooks, CDs, DVD’s, “manipulatives”, maps, classroom consumables etc. In short, all those materials which teachers use to teach language in an ILP program. The completion and mailing of the form which you can print by clicking REIMBURSEMENT FORM (pdf) or REIMBURSEMENT FORM (excel file) is your mechanism for receiving the requested amount. Please read and complete by following all directions including attaching original receipts. We will forward you a cheque as soon as possible.
You will note that we have set out a formula ($4 per student per each classroom to a maximum of $200.00 per classroom. (i.e. 20 students on the register produces $4 X 20 = $80 ).Maximum $80.00 Please be accurate with your data.

C – Enrolment Information (dati di iscrizione) ENROLMENT FORM

We will gladly give you more information upon request.
Angelo Di Ianni